Weight Loss Dietitian Tips: How to lose weight effectively

Maintaining the right weight is the need of the hour, given how lethargy has taken over life with the novel Coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns imposed. Even generally speaking, maintaining a healthy weight helps an individual reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and other heart related risks.

For this the first step is to know, what is the acceptable range of body weight for an individual, given various physiological attributes like height, weight and sex. BMI index can be put to use here. لعبة فلوس حقيقية

Now if it turns out that you are indeed overweight, the first response for most is to search over the web about the ways to reduce weight. But as you dwell deeper and deeper into the subject you will find yourself, tons of contradictory tips and techniques, which end up wearing you out, leaving behind zero motivation and confusion.

This article attempts to present concrete tips to clear this confusion and assist you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Drink plenty water

Choose water over other drinks like soda, lemonade, coffee, teas which often contain sugar and caffeine

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try and add no added sugar fruit juice for flavor or chia and a slice of lemon. Green teas contain catechin which enables fat burning.

Consuming a small cup of water before your meals would help you reduce the intake of calories.

  1. Add protein to your diet

Eggs, lentils, chicken and chickpeas are some common source of protein, the muscle building nutrient.

  1. Add fibre rich food

Food with high fiber content creates a sense of “being full”, which would help cut down overeating. Fruits and vegetables, whole grain products are some good sources of fiber.

  1. Add healthy carbs and fats

A common misconception is that for weight loss, one must not consume any carbohydrates and fats, which is wrong as fats help carry fat-soluble vitamins like. Quinoa, Oats, Oranges and sweet potatoes are some healthy carbs to add to the diet.

  1. Get more Active

Without exercising, a healthy weight loss is not possible. One can choose Running, gyming, swimming or yoga, depending upon the need to burn calories. Doing Sports like badminton, tennis or basketball, would help one to practice their high school favorite hobby again while burning calories.

  1. Cut down on Alcohol and Smoking

Over drinking or self stress-induced smoking would easily lead to weight gain. One glass of wine contains as many calories as a bar of chocolate. Avoid binge-drinking or drinking in rounds. سلوتس

  1. Plan your Meals

Many believe that skipping meals would help them shed kilos, however studies suggest that people who eat their breakfast have lesser BMI as compared to people who don’t. The healthy practice would be to plan your meals and avoid eating food on impulse. Divide the calories into three equal parts and have the three meals. Plan before what kind of meals you want to have and buy your groceries accordingly

  1. Improve the sleep pattern 

It is advisable to sleep for 7 to 8 hours regularly and to have a proper sleep schedule. Proper sleep would reduce your stress level and stress-induced cravings for sweets. 

  1. Avoid processed food 

A lot of people, especially office dwellers and college students depend upon processed and packaged food, which are extremely unhealthy. They contain fats and added sugars which lead to weight gain. It is also important to avoid refined sugar, refined flour and refined oil.

  1. Use smaller plates

It is said that it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that it’s full. The cheat code here is to have smaller portions and eat slowly. المراهنات على المباريات

  1. Don’t Ban Food

It is also suggested not to ban food items. Banning would only lead to cravings. It is rather advisable to slowly cut down on their consumption than instantly.

Losing weight and then maintaining the right weight is just the start of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully the article has helped you clear your understanding about weight loss dietitian measures. All the best for your journey.

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