Weight Loss: A Stress For Many!

Weight Loss: A Stress For Many!

Often, it may seem that losing weight can be tough and even demanding sometimes. To bring your body back to the ideal shape and size is the dream for many people across the globe.

According to a study, including more than 16,000 adults found that about one-third of those who took weight loss pills weren’t obese before they started taking the pills.

Clearly, many people spend a great deal of effort and money trying to lose weight.

We have many questions in our mind, for example, Why am I not able to lose weight, even after eating less? Why am I gaining weight around my belly? Why am I not losing weight even after following different diet plans? لعبة قمار بوكر Why does my face tend to lose its glow after dieting? كيف تربح المال من الانترنت And many more!

Sometimes, we might be watching our calories and keeping a track of our intake of carbohydrates, eating enough protein, doing exercise regularly, and doing everything, but nothing worked out!

To get the best results there are many Weight Loss Dietitians in Rohini, experts in this field, to clear all your doubts, myths and get to the facts.

Fun Fact- Losing weight is big business on a global scale. Roughly, it’s estimated that weight loss programs and products generate more than $150 billion in annual profits in the US and Europe alone.

Health conditions that prevent us from losing weight are-

1. Inflammation along with cellular damage:

It is known that inflammation is an essential function of the body for fighting infections and healing injuries.

Chronic inflammation, however, is a dangerous health condition that can be caused by environmental or dietary factors such as prescription medications, smoking, air pollution, and certain foods, including sugar, wheat, and dairy. Moreover, chronic inflammation can lead to cellular damage, which in turn impairs normal functioning throughout the body.

According to Weight Loss Dietitians in Rohini, both the inflammation and cellular damage need to be addressed for weight loss to take place.

2. Lipedema:

It is believed to affect nearly one in nine women worldwide, and this condition causes a woman’s hips and legs to accumulate excess fat that is extremely difficult to lose. It often also causes easy bruising and pain and makes it difficult to shed the excess fat from the body.

3. Hypothyroidism:

It is believed that low levels of thyroid hormone lead to a slowdown in metabolism which in turn can impede or slow down weight loss efforts.

According to Weight Loss Dietitians in Rohini, there are many more conditions that lead to our health deterioration day by day. So, it is best to concern a dietitian before taking any step yourself.

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