Best Dietitian in Delhi, Online Diet Consultation | Nourish You

Best Dietitian in Delhi, Online Diet Consultation | Nourish You

Hello! Are you looking for an online dietitian in Delhi?

Then you are at the right place. But first, let’s understand what exactly a dietitian does, and then at the end of this page, I will share the contact details of one of the best dietitians in Delhi to whom you can refer.

What is a diet plan and why it is important?

Diet planning includes establishing what the average nutritional intake should be. Whether planning diets for individuals or groups, the objective is to have nutritionally sufficient meals or to guarantee that the risk of nutrient insufficiency or excess is as minimal as possible.

It’s critical to have a well-balanced diet that includes the appropriate proportions of macro and micronutrients. A well-balanced eating plan leads to long-term weight loss and improved health.

Also, people believe that gym and exercise is the only solution to weight loss, but if you are not taking a proper diet, then definitely you will not see the best results.

In addition, if you are not inclined much towards gym and exercises, then just following a diet plan can also help you with the good results in short span of time.

You must be wondering what exactly a healthy diet is.

As per WHO, Healthy eating is consuming a range of meals that provide you with the nutrients you require to be healthy, feel good, and be active. Protein, carbs, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals are among these nutrients. العاب تربح فلوس

Consuming a healthy diet throughout your life is very important because that will prevent you from various diseases as well as it will help you with a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of a healthy diet

According to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)

The benefits of healthy eating for adults are-

  • Healthy diet will help adults in live longer, boosts immunity, keep their skin glowing and healthy, lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, helps in achieving a healthy weight, and many more.

Benefits of a healthy diet for children-

  • Healthy diet will help children in strengthening bones, supports brain development, supports healthy growth, boosts immunity, supports muscles, and many more.

So, a healthy diet is not limited to a certain age group, it is required for all age groups.

Side Effects of Healthy Diet


Why a healthy diet is important for Delhiite’s?

First and foremost, the reason for the need for a healthy diet for Delhiites is the lifestyle in Delhi. We all know how hectic life in Delhi is. قوانين بلاك جاك From morning till late night, people are constantly working and to handle that workload, we all need a healthy diet that will keep us fit and active.

Now, we get that it is important to have a healthy diet, so coming to an online dietician that can help us in achieving our goal.

Dietician Kamakshi is a certified Weight Loss Dietitian. The best thing about Dietician Kamakshi is that the diet she gives, is very easy to prepare and you can easily manage to prepare it with your work pressure.

According to her, your weight loss and strengthening journey becomes easier if you follow her diet because she prepares a diet plan according to your activity level, daily routine, eating habits, and as per your taste and preference.

Why to choose Dietician Kamakshi Vasudev?

  • She provides a diet plan that will be very easy to follow.
  • She provides customized plans as per her client’s requirements.
  • You can consult her through online mode and visit her clinic.
  • She provides services at affordable rates.

Some of her client reviews-

“Kamakshi Mam is very professional in her work. She keeps motivating me and was very patient throughout. She monitors the progress daily and her diet is very easy to follow with all homemade food! 888 Thank you so much ma’am for your guidance and support through these months.” – Client

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