Weight Loss

Lose weight without losing your energy and enthusiasm. The perfect program for inch loss and fat loss, get personalized diet plans based on your body type, body age, and body fat percentage.

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Immunity Development

If you’re looking for ways to prevent colds, the flu, and other infections, the first step to take is to watch your plate. Equip yourself and your loved ones to fight infections and stay healthy by getting specialized diet plans to boost immunity.


Do you want to look the best on your D-day? Get that healthy glow or lose a few inches? Join our pre-wedding program specifically aimed at people getting hitched soon, so that they look as happy as they feel.

Clinical Nutrition Program

This program is for assuring the nutrition of our clients across all stages of life. It is a combination of supplementation, natural remedies, and specially-curated diet plans to address all your major and minor health concerns.

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Diabetes Mellitus Management

Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. Chronic, uncontrolled diabetes can affect multiple organs especially your kidneys, liver, heart, and eyes. We, at Nourish.YOU, provide you with a specific diet plan to successfully manage your diabetes.

Weight Gain

Do you want to achieve healthy body mass? Do want to put on a few extra kilos to feel confident? Join the Weight gain program at Nourish.You to achieve your weight gain goals.

Cardiovascular Health Management

Nowadays, young and old, all are at risk of heart diseases. This is usually due to an unhealthy lifestyle. At Nourish. YOU, we suggest natural remedies and lifestyle changes to keep you from the risk of heart diseases and also to manage them effectively. We will ensure you live a worry-free life with a healthy heart.

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and can affect one joint or multiple joints. It is commonly seen in adults over 65 but can also affect young people. Nourish You provides you with a combination of remedies and diet changes that aim to reduce the amount of pain you’re experiencing and prevent additional damage to the joints.

Bone Health Management

Poor nutrition decreases bone density which can lead to unhealthy, brittle, and weak bones. With proper counseling and suggested lifestyle changes, bone health can be maintained and you can live a healthy, pain-free life

Renal Health Management

Most of the diseases prevalent today are due to unhealthy eating habits which affect our organs adversely- our kidneys are one of them. At Nourish.You, we provide a comprehensive diet plan along with some lifestyle changes to keep your kidneys healthy.

Thyroid Control Program

Both types of thyroid Hyperthyroidism, and Hypothyroidism can be managed after following diet and lifestyle changes. It isn’t just about losing or gaining weight. Nourish.YOU can help you control thyroid symptoms and help you manage your thyroid effectively.

Naturopathy Diets

Naturopathy believes in healing the body naturally rather than depending on supplements or drugs which can harm the body in the long run. We suggest natural remedies for all your health concerns so that you can live a healthy life, naturally.

Skin/ Hair Care

You need a healthy diet for the luscious mane and glowing skin. Made specifically for your skin and hair health, this program not only solves your hair loss problems but also helps you manage them in the long run.

Prenatal Care

What a woman eats and drinks during pregnancy provides nutrients to her baby. So, it is vital to have a healthy and well-planned diet during those 9 months to provide all the nourishment a baby needs for growth and development

Paediatric Care (Healthy eating plans for kids)

Are your kid's picky eaters? If you have a picky eater at home, it might be possible that your kid is missing out on important nutrients necessary for his/her healthy development. This program will provide personalized diet plans for your kids to include the required macro and micronutrients for their overall development.